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Women in the French Revolution - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 580 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/06/26 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: French Revolution Essay Did you like this example? During the time of the French Revolution women played a large part that lead to the start of the French revolution. They were involved and participated in many uprisings before, during and after that helped contribute to the Revolution. This involved the groups Bourgeoisie, Peasantry and the Sans-Culottes. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Women in the French Revolution" essay for you Create order The Revolution began in 1789, which lasted about 10 years because the people of France took over the government. It was the declaration of man signing which lead to the March to Versailles by the women who were seen as very significant and empowering to the end of the revolution. Even the women who were not directly participating in leading the revolution they helped by using propaganda and promotion of the modern ideas through journals, pamphlets, etc. (Najeeb, 2014). Women were not only fighting for their rights, but for equality for all and to this day us women are where we are thanks to those who stood up. Before the French revolution (1789) women had no kinds of political rights, leaving them unable to vote or have a say in any political campaign. A womens education consisted of learning how to be a house wife, taking care of her children and wife, as well as cooking. Women were looked at as passive citizens, and needed to be good wives, and mothers. The women who were from the sans-culottes or peasantry faced many problems and suffered from things like increased pricing, very low wages and no jobs. Of course these women wanted a change and demanded equality in those things they were lacking and had an off balance of. It was seen as odd for a woman to want to fight and be interested in politics. It is horrible, it is contrary to all laws of nature for a woman to want to make herself a man (Sherman Salisbury, pg. 502). A women fighting for her rights was looked as if she was a man because women were supposed to stay home and do house work. During the Revolution, women were working very hard all to provide for their family and to make a living, due to the rise of cost of living expenses. Mens wages were higher as compared to the working womens wage which was the reason that led to the protesting. All ladies and women started working jobs at factories and those who were married as well. Mean while the bourgeoisie women were taking jobs in professions such as educators and writers (Sherman and Salisbury 37). The increase of bread prices also led women into the direction of protesting and the march. The upper class women wrote papers that indirectly helped and influenced other women. In the video given, in 1972 Leon argued that women should have the right to have possession of a fire arm for their safety during the revolution and protests. (Youtube vid.). During this time woman constantly fought for reduction on prices including bread and changing the constitution for the sake of womens equality. When their demands were i gnored they kidnapped officials. After the Revolution, when women fought very hard and pressured the government to put a change to their life style and the constitution they were given their rights and the right to be involved in political factors therefor them being able to fight. Also giving them the right to divorce and have education. Although I feel still today in the 20th century women are paid slightly less then men, women have achieved a great amount giving us a lot of power.

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