Thursday, November 21, 2019

Luxury Cruise Ships Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Luxury Cruise Ships - Research Paper Example This offers the meal experience of a hotel, only that guests experience this while travelling; different meals in different locations. Guests have a vast range of beverages from which to select. Guests can choose from a selection of spirits, wines, soft drinks, juices, coffee, bottled water and champagne among others. Furthermore, guests can enjoy their choice of drinks throughout the ship rather than during meal times only. The preferred selections of guests are stocked in their specific suites. The entertainment facilities in luxury cruise ships are quite diverse and unique. There are no reservations, bar tabs or cover charges. There are variety acts, cabaret-style shows, feature films and special performances among others. Once in a while enrichment lecturers hold discussions pertaining to the voyage destination. Guests can also dance to live music. Casino lovers can play casino games. This variety of entertainment compliments the travel experience of guests (Smith 57). Most luxury cruise ships are usually small in size in order to personalize the experience for guests. Such ships are intimate and have more space and fewer guests on board. Such ships also allow guests to experience close encounters with culture and nature. During the journey, guests enjoy personalized one on one service. Small cruise ships are also able to dock in many harbors including small harbors where large cruise ships cannot dock. This increases the number of stops that a small luxury cruise ship can make along the way. The cost of services in a luxury cruise ship is quite high. The vast variety of facilities, in addition to the personalized services that are offered on board contributes to the high cost of luxury cruise trips. This leaves only the wealthy customers who can afford the services. The Cruise experience is far much better than the experience at a hotel, which makes the prices

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